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Since 1976, Camrost Felcorp has been one of the leading brands in the development business by continually pioneering the creation of landmark condos. It is responsible for many of the Greater Toronto Area’s most unique and enduring residential communities and commercial assets. Even though it looks different, it is built on the same foundations: excellent craftsmanship, a great location, and a classic style that is the best in the industry.
Camrost Felcorp continues to construct large high-rise projects in Toronto, with more than $4 billion in development. The company’s remarkable portfolio comprises over 80 buildings with 20,000 residential units and over 2 million square feet of commercial and retail space. Camrost Felcorp is committed to innovation, quality, and honesty, as shown by its award-winning office and retail buildings that help revitalize the downtown center and its condominium and lifestyle projects that help revitalize neighborhoods and communities.
The appropriate development on a well-selected site strengthens and revitalizes the vitality of the town. Camrost continues to be set for future success and expansion as a result of its foresight and time-honored experience in matching each project’s critical variables. Camrost Felcorp is committed to serving the ever-evolving demands of its clients, relationships, and stakeholders while upholding its ideals of honesty and openness. Camrost is committed to staying true to its philosophy and going above and beyond what customers expect at every stage of the development process. It does this by using top-notch management, project design, construction, and customer support teams. Source: Camrost Felcorp


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