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The Canalfa Group is a real estate developer responsible for revamping a full Toronto neighborhood and transforming it into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Region. Their goal is to build a flourishing, diversified community that embraces individuals from all walks of life.
This developer was motivated to restore the Liberty Village neighborhood after acquiring 45 acres of property in the region. Once Toronto’s economy and industries evolved, Liberty Village fell into decay and became a run-down neighborhood. This developer saw the potential of the area bordering King West Village and seized the chance to convert the blighted property into a bustling neighborhood with elegant eateries and verdant parks.
When this developer recognized the possibility to construct a new and robust community, they understood it had to begin with the residents. They didn’t want to establish a community with a homogeneous population, so they made measures to ensure that the neighborhood would be comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds. They wanted everyone to feel welcome and involved in this new community, regardless of whether they were young or elderly, single or with a big family, just starting out in life or with an established job. This developer seeks to create a varied, friendly community for people of all economic levels. Source: Canalfa Group


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Liberty Central By The Lake Phase 2