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Canlight Group

Canlight Group is a full-service real estate firm that has been acquiring, developing, constructing, and managing residential and commercial properties since 1991. Its mission is to manage all aspects of its client’s property to improve the quality of their lives and increase the value of the areas where they live, work, and invest. They tackle property management in a professional and no-nonsense manner and adhere to industry norms. They are creative in solving real-world challenges for their clients while remaining conscious of sustainability and environmental effects. They search for what is lacking and fill in the blanks.
The firm is an ACMO 2000 accredited property management service with over 50 employees who have extensive industry expertise and education. Individuals with an MBA and those with professional credentials make up their team, and they all have great critical thinking skills. Canlight prioritizes three core values: innovation, intelligence, and compassion. By providing new ideas, solving major problems, and learning from mistakes, they are an innovative organization.
Canlight has joined with The Hunger Project Canada, a global movement of individuals devoted to the long-term abolition of hunger by empowering women and men to become self-sufficient and lead healthy and productive lives with dignity and in peace with the environment. Canlight’s commitment to the global movement stems from the aim of empowering individuals to eliminate their hunger. Canlight is devoted to assisting The Hunger Project Canada with administrative assistance, advertising, marketing, and other services.


Aside from the core of their property management services, the Canlight team has developed and excelled in its niche, successfully overcoming challenges in sustaining and redeveloping numerous “distressed properties” on behalf of lenders, receivers, institutional partners, and themselves as principals. Among their accomplishments are solutions for resolving environmental contamination difficulties, substantial physical condition distress, and severely underperforming financial operations. Source: Canlight Group

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