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Castlepoint, founded in 1988, is an industry-leading real estate development firm committed to fostering constructive change. Their work is characterized by an uncompromising dedication to community, teamwork, and respect for the individuals and communities they serve. They are noted for their emphasis on historical re-use, brownfield and waterfront regeneration, and mixed-use projects, which are reflected in their portfolio of ambitious, innovative properties.
They provide a consistent emphasis on promoting the community, overcoming the most difficult and complex land possibilities, and designing bespoke, aesthetically pleasing solutions to elevate and unleash the full potential of a place and its residents.
When millions of square feet of Toronto’s waterfront were abandoned, they put their principles into action by establishing a thriving new district for public art, local businesses, and affordable housing. Here is how they surmounted very complicated obstacles to construct the award-winning L-Tower, pushing the limits of architecture while while safeguarding a cherished cultural monument. That is also the reason why, when no one else could even imagine it, they redeveloped an abandoned manufacturing site in the Junction Triangle, constructing a new neighborhood packed with history, art, and community enhancements. Source: Castlepoint Numa


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