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CentreCourt is a Toronto-based real estate development corporation that specializes in the construction of high-rise residential communities near vital infrastructure, rapid transit networks, and employment zones (GTA). They are involved in all elements of development, including as site acquisition, zoning, design, sales, construction, and customer service. With 18 residential high-rise projects comprising over 9,000 units and a development value of more than $6.6 billion, one of the most active high-rise developers in the Greater Toronto Area was named ninth on the 2020 Growth List of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.
They continuously exceed customer expectations and adhere to the highest quality standards as one of the most notable residential high-rise developers in the Greater Toronto Area.
Their ideas were created with the help of well-known urban planners, architects, and interior designers. They are overjoyed at the positive impact their actions have on the residents and the surrounding area. They owe it to their clients, investors, and brokers to construct magnificent residential condominium buildings at CentreCourt. They are pleased with the results of their efforts. Source: CentreCourt


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