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Collecdev is comprised of the most brilliant brains in the industry, incomparable people unified as one incomparable force. They employ an integrated approach, partnering with award-winning architects and designers to create timeless buildings with strict quality standards and great attention to detail using an integrated method. They choose locations that provide access to everywhere and everything. They add conveniences that make life simpler and much better. This is more than a business; it is a method to unify communities and enhance the universal experience of life.
Collecdev Construction is currently constructing the future. one project, one location, and one neighborhood at a time Known for their superior craftsmanship. devotion to innovation. and commitment to excellence. They provide industry-leading construction services that manage projects from design and planning through construction and beyond. They utilize innovative technologies to stay ahead of the curve and rely on their signature collocative process that brings together the industry’s host minds to create visionary communities. ownership of the entire holding process gives them greater control over quality, schedules, and costs, resulting in residences of exceptional value that will endure for generations.
Collecdev Construction is very proud of its integrated strategy, which blends innovation, cooperation, and ongoing professional growth. They use cutting-edge construction software and collaborate with market-leading trades. They search for qualified artisans and laborers, Tier 1 Superintendents, and Project Managers to assemble accomplished construction site teams with the ability to manage any issue that may arise. They help them with specialized in-house personnel and integrate quality and design management throughout the firm. Consistently devoted to developing value and encouraging quality, they offer ongoing training and professional development for our construction crew and adhere to industry-leading health and safety regulations. Pre-, during-, and after-construction, their collaborative atmosphere draws the industry’s top talent and sets the foundation for the highest level of customer service. Source: Collecdev


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