Core Development Group

Core Development Group

The Toronto-based Core Development Group is a real estate development firm that was established in 2014. Corey Hawtin, the company’s founder and CEO, is the third generation of real estate developers in his family and comes from a long line of developers. On behalf of its investors and for their accounts, the company actively seeks, capitalizes, develops, and manages a diverse range of real estate projects. Because they think that value creation and sustainable growth go hand in hand, they also provide a wide variety of development and project management services to their clients and joint venture partners.
The influence they have on their clients, suppliers, and communities is something that Core takes very seriously. They concentrate their efforts and attention on those areas where they can have the biggest beneficial influence. They employ their skills and assets to raise the standard of living in their neighbourhoods and the environment. They aggressively promote and aid their employees in realizing their full potential by offering a secure, friendly, and effective work environment.
They take good care of the environment and the communities where they do business. They keep looking for novel ways to lessen their environmental impact through both small-scale and large-scale projects. They intentionally work to include green elements and technology into their projects with an eye toward long-term, sustainable growth. Their eco-friendly endeavours cover a variety of topics, such as responsible waste management techniques, eco-friendly finishes and energy-saving gadgets, geothermal energy and water conservation solutions, and more.


Additionally, a core principle of their company is to engage in charity and bring about constructive change in the community. They are all focused on revolutionary change. Their initiatives become a shared, collaborative experience because they aggressively seek the opinions of their communities and completely interact with them. They support recognized charities and undertake good deeds because they believe in giving back to their communities. They take great pride in contributing to the betterment of people’s lives and families in the neighbourhoods where they reside, work, and operate their businesses. Source: Core Development Group

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