Cressey Development Group

Cressey Development Group

Cressey has been creating remarkable properties for almost 50 years. They have a focus on quality craftsmanship anchored in honesty. The family-owned company is a pioneer in innovative design and livable efficiency, constructing built houses that emphasize form, function, and beauty. More than a development firm, Cressey produces iconic houses that shape thriving communities while providing confidence in value and design.
Every detail of a project is attentively considered at Cressey, and it adheres to a set of particular and far-reaching criteria. Homes must be well-located and close to amenities that enhance the living experience, such as good schools and convenient public transportation. Interiors must be elegant, adaptable, and able to bear the stresses of daily life.
The CresseyKitchenTM is an excellent example of this forward-thinking design ethic, in which their team completely re-evaluates and improves the most crucial space in the house to bring even more utility and ease into people’s lives. When residents combine that with the other Cressey benefits—easy-to-furnish floorplans, gorgeous lobbies, and thoughtful amenities—it’s clear to see why people search for them by name.


There will never be two Cressey buildings alike, but their philosophy will never change. It’s a mantra that first reminds them to choose a worthy site and to play to that neighbourhood’s natural strengths. Then it keeps them flexible and imaginative as their entire team searches for meaningful ways to complement the way residents live there, room by room, detail by detail, year after year. Their goal is to build exceptional properties focusing on quality craftsmanship rooted in integrity. Source: Cressey Development Group

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