Crown Communities

Crown Communities

Crown Communities is a modern development firm that fuses the newest design trends with time-honoured architectural styles. It was founded by Adam Taverna in 2016. Every site is carefully chosen to put individuals in touch with the varied cultures and places they desire to be. Living comfortably within the dynamic metropolitan landscape is effortlessly integrated by harmonious living areas, thoughtful details, and contemporary utilities. Exceptionally well-designed interiors and fine craftsmanship enhance the experience for expanding families and expanding communities, creating high-quality areas with space to flourish.
Crown Communities has fought its way into the premier league of home builders for almost 20 years. When times got rough, other firms didn’t stick by their homes, but Crown Communities emphasized the importance of building homes correctly from the start. Their operations cover all facets of the development process, including site acquisition, zoning, design, sales, building, and customer support, with a concentration on creating mixed-use residential condominiums and master-planned communities. Each member of their team shares their passion for producing a high degree of quality while working with top-tier architects, interior designers, engineers, and craftspeople.
This developer is aware of how crucial it is for the community’s citizens to lead rich, satisfying lives, and they are aware that communities are made up of more than just the structures they include. Making good homes will inevitably draw excellent individuals. These efforts are evident in the projects they are working on around the GTA. It is noteworthy that when one considers the areas in which they have chosen to build, it is clear that they have chosen their future communities with great care. They construct excellent and attractive areas in an effort to enhance the quality of life for their residents. They make an effort to construct developments with cutting-edge architecture while also managing to blend in well with their surrounding communities.


Using an industry-leading Quality Control (QC) system, Crown Communities inspects each stage of the construction of a customer’s house before assigning a QC score to it. The number of potential warranty issues is reduced by only delivering the residences with the highest scores for sale. And while no builder can guarantee a flawlessly constructed home, their years of experience have given them the knowledge that has brought their building techniques closer than ever to perfection. Every aspect of the home buying and ownership experience is held to the highest standards, whether it be Crown’s “Builder of Integrity” designation, its simple sales procedure, or its well-regarded in-house warranty services.

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