Davpart Inc.

Davpart Inc.

Davpart Inc. is a real estate developer and property management company headquartered in Ontario and the United States that was founded in 1993. Davpart began with three industrial buildings and currently has a varied portfolio of approximately 90 industrial, office, retail, and residential projects across Ontario and the United States.
They credit their success to hands-on management and excellent customer service. Their management style is made up of several different components. They believe in conducting maintenance on schedule so that residents and tenants do not have to wait too long if an issue arises. This mindset is reinforced by having property management and other professionals conduct frequent visits and inspections.
They also believe in providing exceptional customer service, with a special emphasis on people with disabilities. They are pleased to teach all of their employees about the different assistive devices located throughout their property. All personnel, whether they are property managers or administrative assistants, must be able to operate this equipment. They also make an effort to keep the public informed of any disruptions in services necessary to assist people with disabilities. This is a company that genuinely cares. David Hofstedter, its president, has also established the David Hofstedter Family Foundation. This is a non-profit foundation that is registered as a charity and has given over $1 million to various organizations across Canada.


They now manage over 90 buildings throughout the real estate sector. These buildings total over 8,322,765 square feet of floor area. This full-service real estate firm and property management have demonstrated their ability to apply operational and managerial principles across the entire industry. Davpart’s name will almost certainly appear on lists of the top performers in the commercial, residential, retail, and industrial sectors. As the city grows, this developer will look for new methods to leave their mark. Source: Davpart Inc.

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