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DBS Developments is an allied real estate development firm of Preston Group. DBS, named for its founder David Belo Salomon, was started over sixty years ago as Gonte Construction. DBS has developed into a fully integrated real estate development firm servicing Greater Toronto, based on its original goals of providing people and families with high-quality homes and great service.
After relocating to Toronto, he established his first company, Gonte Construction. As the Greater Toronto Area expanded, so did his building enterprise. Gonte Construction enjoyed remarkable success throughout the years, eventually transforming into DB Developments, a fully-integrated real estate development firm.
DBS Developments has more than fifty years of expertise in the real estate market. They were successful in many parts of the construction sector, including project design, construction, and customer service, due to their prior abilities. Since its inception, DBS Developments has been committed to constructing high-quality, community-beneficial houses. Their goal is to contribute to the expansion of the Greater Toronto Area by constructing houses in undeveloped areas and beautifying each neighborhood with residences of which their customers may be proud. DBS Developments preserves David’s legacy and enthusiasm for real estate after more than 50 years. They exert considerable effort by supervising each phase of the development process, collaborating closely with partners and clients to get the greatest outcomes, and concentrating on providing each resident with high-quality housing. Source: DBS Developments


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