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At DECO HOMES, they recognize that the art of house construction is all about the details. The core of all they do is their forward-thinking approach to architecture, intelligent design, superb workmanship, and environmentally friendly methods. These ideals guarantee that the company’s founders, Silvio De Gasperis and Corey Brown, will continue to construct not just houses but also communities that your family will enjoy for a lifetime.
DECO Communities is a branch of the TACC Group, one of Canada’s major builders in the building and infrastructure industries. They construct sophisticated, master-planned communities to improve the quality of life and accommodate all life phases. Their planning and development procedures are influenced by their design-forward ideals, which extend to their architecture, parks, public spaces, and interior craftsmanship. To improve the quality of life, they build strong, lively, and sustainable communities from a modern point of view.
DECO Well is founded on a concept that considers comfort, sustainability, and green living to be the three pillars of optimum living. DECO Well is more than just a concept; it’s a way of life that promotes better living. As a home builder, they recognize their obligation to develop homes and communities that promote the health of families and future generations. Keeping this attitude in mind, they created DECO Well, a new level of standardization designed to assure homeowner wellbeing via their standard live well features.


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