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Devron’s history started more than two decades ago with its single-family homes business, Ron Custom Homes. RCH has designed and constructed over 100 premium bespoke homes in some of Toronto’s most famous communities, including The Bridal Path, Hogg’s Hollow, Bayview & York Mills, and more. Devron’s current attitude is rooted on the rigorous attention to detail and customer satisfaction practiced by Ron Custom Home.
Their dedication to this goal starts with the promise that every home they construct will be Built Beyond Measure. Beyond the intelligent architectural, engineering, and sustainability practices that produce beautiful and responsible structures, they are devoted to constructing really exceptional dwellings by putting people and communities first.
They are driven by a feeling of duty to design houses that enrich the lives of people and structures that contribute in a permanent and significant manner to the communities in which they develop. They aspire to provide residences that will be valued by future generations as more than just a structure, but rather as a home built on a foundation of deliberate design and pride in quality. Each home is planned and constructed to withstand the test of time and serve as a catalyst for good change. Source: Devron


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