Dez Capital, founded in 2013, is a highly recognized private lending firm that is expanding into real estate development. Dez Capital - CondoTrend
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Dez Capitol

Dez Capital

Dez Capital was founded in 2013 by three brothers, including president Fariborz Fallah. As founding partners, they set out to invest their own money as private lenders in the developing Canadian real estate market. Their exceptional business and engineering expertise has led to sound investment decisions, providing the highest degree of due diligence in real estate asset-backed financing.
As innovators, they discovered an underserved real estate finance industry that required more capital investment and considerably more prompt service than typical lenders could provide. Working mostly in the Golden Horseshoe Area, they accumulated a robust and diverse portfolio of real estate interests. The company has grown steadily over the years thanks to data-driven business strategies and creative and efficient administration.
Throughout its inception, the company has seen consistent growth in assets under management while also gaining valuable experience in mortgage origination, data analysis, fund management, governance, administration, and investor relations. Dez is well-known in the real estate building and development industry for its quick decision-making and financial turnaround. Their objective was clear and straightforward: to generate consistent profits while taking a manageable and visible level of risk.


The firm has created and executed a distinct, organized, and data-driven strategy for investing; analyzing debtors; forecasting locations for real estate development prospects; and managing and minimizing risk. Transparency, openness, and communication in business, as well as a distinct decision-making process, have become characteristics of the firm’s success.

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