Diamond Kilmer

Diamond Kilmer

Diamond Kilmer, established by Ephraim Diamond O.C. (co-founder of Cadillac Fairview) and Larry Tanenbaum O.C. (Chairman of Kilmer Group and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment), is a leading Toronto real estate developer that focuses on building ground-level and mid-rise residential options that are thoughtfully designed and innovative in the best areas of the city.
Larry and Eph, two extraordinary builders and Toronto promoters, began to find much in common as they got to know each other. They also realized that they had a strong conviction that the genuine keys to success were innovation, quality, and honesty. Their sons, Kenneth Tanenbaum, vice chairman of the Kilmer Group, and Stephen Diamond, CEO of DiamondCorp and Chair of Waterfront Toronto, are carrying on the history of their friendship and achievement today. Ken and Stephen recently established Diamond Kilmer Developments as a registered partnership. Diamond Kilmer Developments is a distinctive undertaking that stands apart from its parent firms because it is founded on friendship and because it offers something special to the GTA housing market. Their development strategy offers homeownership choices in well-located communities close to Toronto’s downtown that are intelligently built and of the highest caliber.
They work to become the first choice for urban homebuyers in the area by offering a superior product at a reasonable price. They extend an invitation to potential homeowners who are members of the middle class and live in urban areas. Diamond Kilmer Developments believes in building reasonably priced homes to satisfy the needs of today’s urban population; they refer to this idea as “CONNECTED URBAN LIVING.”


DiamondCorp and Kilmer Group have established an exceptional connection based on a single common belief: that real success comes from integrity, accountability, quality, and a persistent dedication to innovation. Their unbreakable bond has been forged over decades. The current legal relationship between these two titans of the sector is represented by Diamond Kilmer Developments. They are constantly working to provide a superior product at a reasonable price, swiftly becoming the top option for homebuyers in Toronto and the GTA. Source: Diamond Kilmer

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