Dorsay Development Corporation

Dorsay Development Corporation

Dorsay Development Corporation, founded in the 1980s, is a real estate development and investment firm specializing in both residential and commercial real estate. Dorsay, based in Toronto, Canada, has created a number of high-rises and low-rise residential buildings as well as a diverse portfolio of commercial investment assets. They’ve been involved in a range of initiatives and investments around the city, including a broad portfolio of low-rise and high-rise residential complexes. Their success is founded on their previous experience, which has allowed them to have a thorough grasp of the Toronto real estate market.
Their knowledge of development, financing, and advisory services enables this developer to make solid and strategic operating decisions. They’ve also developed good partnerships with other industry leaders. These collaborations have allowed this developer to work on a variety of development and investment initiatives.
When assessing their success, it is hard to overlook their corporate values. These ideals have prompted this developer to maintain a degree of integrity that has resulted in the construction of premium condominiums over the years. First, they consider the bigger picture. This applies not only to their initiatives but also to how their developments influence the city surrounding them. They recognize that it is their obligation as real estate developers to usher in a city’s changing look and identity. As a result, they strive to include sustainable techniques in each of their initiatives. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for real estate developers in the future, not just because of market demand but also because of the obligation to care for our world.


Above all, they value doing the right thing and treating people properly. They understand that if you treat everyone with respect, including partners, employees, and residents, you will be treated with respect in return. That is why they aim to be a trustworthy and courteous organization. They are also a multi-award winning developer, having won Best New Home Design-Townhome at the 2003 BILD Awards and the Award of Merit for Context at the 2010 Mississauga Urban Design Awards for the Ultra Ovation condo complex. Source: Dorsay Development Corporation

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