Dundee Kilmer

Dundee Kilmer

One of Canada’s top developers and investors in real estate, Dundee Kilmer was established in 1950. Building houses and communities in Canada has been a success for Dundee Kilmer Developments. They are a diverse Canadian construction firm that produces ready-mixed concrete and served the Toronto region in 1960. In 1970, it continued its vast growth as a heavy civil contractor, specializing in motorways, light rail, tunnels, and bridges. Investments in cable television distributor CUC Broadcasting Ltd. were a part of the diversification into non-construction activities.
In addition, Dundee Kilmer Developments concentrated its growth efforts in 2010 on three sectors: private equity, infrastructure and real estate, and sports and media. Concessions for infrastructure were developed, including On Route gas stations and Nieuport L.P. activities relating to ports. Infrastructure initiatives like the Pan Am Village and the rebuilding of the Humber River Hospital’s Keele campus come next.
The strong and established operating history of Dundee Kilmer is the foundation of its investing strategy. Many industries, including construction, infrastructure, electronics, cable TV, publishing, fashion, food processing, business outsourcing, brownfield cleanup, container examination facilities, contact centers, apparel, gambling, and media and entertainment, are served by Canadian enterprises.


The strongest company leaders in Canada can count on Dundee Kilmer Developments to support them as they carry out their transformational strategies. The calibre of their aggregate connections and experiences, which they bring to every opportunity for the benefit of their stakeholders, are a reflection of their long history as owners and investors in Canada. Source: Dundee Kilmer

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