Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

Jiancheng (Ted) Zhou, the CEO of Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc, has become one of the most prominent businesspeople in the competitive Chinese market. He’s bringing his expertise and distinct vision to the Canadian market, where he’ll be entering one of the most promising and untapped areas in Southern Ontario.
He is a well-known scholar and successful entrepreneur from China’s Putian, Fujian province, where he founded and now runs 27 businesses with combined annual revenue of $2.6 billion. Mr. Zhou decided to move his family to Canada in 2013 to explore opportunities to introduce his unique customer-focused, condominium lifestyle development model outside of China, so he established Evertrust Development Group.
His Shanghai Oriental Capital Group was one of his most successful ventures in China. This company enabled Mr. Zhou to rise to prominence as a builder. Oriental Capital Group is in charge of constructing 42 million square feet of mixed-use developments in China. These are true mixed-use structures that include offices, hotels, retail, schools, hospitals, public parks, recreation, amenities, logistics infrastructure, and industrial facilities. This company is also in charge of constructing 90,000 individual home units.


Their first project is called Upper Vista and is the first and only luxury resort condominium building in the Niagara region, following Mr. Zhou’s original ambitions of establishing customer-driven condos. This is desperately needed in a region full of high-end golf courses, picturesque views, and delectable restaurants. Their leader’s credentials are simply unrivalled, and he brings to the region a distinct vision that includes luxury resort homes. He is concentrating his efforts on the Niagara region, which remains an untapped market surrounded by enthralling sights and sounds. Source: Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

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