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Forest Green Homes offers the knowledge and expertise to create communities with condos, new custom houses, and semi-custom homes that are constructed to the highest standards and are elegantly planned. Sam Frustaglio, the company’s founder, developed Forest Green Houses in the Toronto region in the 1950s with the knowledge and experience required to construct high-quality, attractive homes. Throughout the last 35 years, his two sons, Michael and Louis Frustaglio, have continued this family heritage. Together, they have constructed approximately 2500 houses in some of the Greater Toronto Area’s most prominent and well-known communities. Their traditional family values have been a cornerstone of their success, and they will continue not just to create more houses for families like yours, but also to establish more enduring family values.
Their houses are comprised of the highest workmanship with a focus on quality, elegance, and attention to detail, three characteristics that demonstrate Forest Green Homes’ dedication to excellence. They have increased outside architectural details and internal layouts that are adaptable to any taste and way of living. Your family may benefit from the “Design for Value” concept of Forest Green Homes and their “on-site” management. Enjoy the finest in product, price, quality, and the smallest of details that only over 60 years of house construction expertise can provide.
Their dwellings represent the future; every community is inspired by its natural environment. In addition to ensuring that every house is constructed with environmentally friendly features that give you and your family with a cleaner, better living, they are also very ecologically mindful while choosing the equipment and materials used to construct each new home. Their dedication to the environment is of the highest significance, as they not only want every family to live and develop in a house they love and are proud to own, but also one that is safe for the environment’s future. Source: Forest Green Home


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