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Slokker Real Estate and FRAM Building have partnered to develop communities that are flexible enough to meet the needs of twenty-first-century people as they go about their daily lives, go to work, and enjoy leisure activities. They want to push the limits of what is possible in community life while retaining a genuine respect for the region’s history.
FRAM, with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is a well-known and esteemed software development firm. Due to its forward-thinking planning, humanistic design, and traditional workmanship, the corporation has earned a great reputation in the commercial world. The development of exceptional communities across the United States and Canada is central to FRAM’s goal.
In Toronto, John Giannone founded FRAM, which is now controlled by the sixth generation of the Giannone family. Over several decades, the company has developed more than 13,000 homes. These projects feature rental housing and mixed-use commercial areas in addition to historic condominiums, magnificent custom mansions, stunning single-family homes, and amazing single-family homes. As a consequence, FRAM is able to ensure that each project is meticulously prepared to satisfy the community’s needs and match its surroundings. Forty percent of FRAM’s new house sales are to return or recommended customers, which is not unexpected considering the company’s industry-leading customer service program. Source: Fram + Slokker


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