GALA Developments

GALA Developments

Gala Developments is a well-established and industry-leading real estate development company that creates a legacy of great buildings and vibrant communities that represent how people want to live and work today while adapting for the future. The team, led by principal John Gagliano, leverages over 60 years of industry expertise to develop excellently designed structures for residential, commercial, and industrial usage. Their projects are built to the highest standards and include sustainable elements that react to current market demands while predicting the future.
They take pride in their communities as a family-run business, understanding that they represent their legacy. They combine great talent and unique knowledge throughout all stages of the development process by collaborating with best-in-class partners. Their comprehensive strategy, which includes everything from planning and design to building, delivery, and customer service, allows them greater control over their communities, resulting in a superior product you can rely on.
Their guiding principles act as their compass. With each new project, they try to preserve the ideals of innovation, craftsmanship, enthusiasm, and well-being. Their design concept is to create places that stimulate interaction and highlight today’s lifestyle. Moreover, their team champions their core values to create welcoming environments, comfortable spaces, and structures that encourage a better way of life. Source: GALA Developments


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