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Graywood communities are not only built to suit the needs of the present, but also to secure a prosperous future. Graywood aspires to create communities that are not only ideal for living in the present, but also planned for a thriving future. With a profound understanding of how and where people choose to live, as well as a love for projects that stand out and last, they guarantee that their customers make the proper personal and financial investments.
A Toronto-based private investment management firm that focuses on the development of high-quality real estate projects in Canada and select U.S. states. Their expertise includes the purchase of development sites, deal underwriting and structuring, and all areas of development management, such as land use authorizations, project design, sales and marketing, and construction management and finance. The majority of their investments are done in collaboration with institutions, pension plans, family offices, wealthy people, landowners, and homebuilders.
Graywood, founded in 1985 by Garnet Watchorn and Moshe Tamari, offers a wide range of real estate development and investment services with a workforce of more than fifty experts and support workers. Graywood has developed over $8.3 billion worth of housing units across a variety of asset types, such as residential lots, low-rise housing, mid- and high-rise condos, hotels, and retirement communities. Graywood is presently building around 6,000 apartments (5.2 million square feet) for approximately $4.3 billion. Source: Graywood Development


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