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The Great Gulf Group of Companies has 18 locations in North America and specializes in commercial, mixed-use, and residential development, construction management and software, engineered panel production, and design. They’ve come a long way, and although much has changed over the years, one thing has remained the same: their unrelenting devotion to constructing places that inspire individuals to live extraordinary lives.
Over the course of over 45 years and the sale of over 80,000 houses, they have created a reputation that can be summed up in a single word. Especially while designing contemporary dream homes. The Team at Great Gulf, comprising of some of the finest brains in the business, begins with a design that combines clever interiors with practical beauty. Great Gulf’s creative approach to construction produces spaces that are more tranquil, brighter, healthier, and energy-efficient, therefore improving the quality of life.
A process in which every minute detail is coordinated; every system and component is engineered to function in perfect harmony in order to produce a home that meets the client’s specifications. H+ME Technology is North America’s leading producer of innovative home wall, floor, and panel solutions. Source: Great Gulf


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