Greenland Group Canada

Greenland Group Canada

In 2014, Greenland Canada was founded as a division of Greenland Holding Group. To realize their vision, they combine their global expertise in large-scale mixed-use properties, dedication to design innovation, quality, efficiency, and local market knowledge. They have so far put more than $500 million into their regional initiatives.
The residential and retail properties that Greenland Group Canada develops highlight the advantages of contemporary living while also fostering urban communities. Their buildings seamlessly blend in with cities, add to the local economy, and hasten the growth of the neighbourhoods nearby. Greenland Canada takes pleasure in creating real estate that improves neighbourhoods. Working with the top architects and designers in the world, they are able to develop projects that have a lasting impact on both the urban core and local communities.
With more than 25 years of real estate experience, they leverage their knowledge to develop urban hotspots. They create unmatched properties that become a vital part of each neighbourhood by incorporating Asian design concepts and the most cutting-edge modern and creative architecture. Each project adds to the constantly evolving skylines of cities around the world. Greenland approaches each project with an emphasis on sustainability for both humans and the ecosystems in order to “build a better existence.”


Each neighbourhood is built with the newest integrated environmental benefits while minimizing its negative effects on the local environment. They plan their buildings to improve life for everyone who inhabits them, as well as the surroundings where they are located. Greenland Canada is always looking for and implementing new ways to make its structures more effective and environmentally sustainable. Source: Greenland Group Canada

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