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Since 1989, Harhay Developments has expanded from a small-scale builder to become one of Canada’s leading boutique developers. The company’s completely integrated operations in Toronto include the whole spectrum of design, development, and construction. Harhay Developments collaborates with architects to construct distinctive structures that form part of Toronto’s urban character. None of the properties in their portfolio are identical, yet they are as proud of each one. They think that mixed-use buildings are the greatest approach to encourage livable, lively neighborhoods, and they design comfortable, attractive, and easy-to-live-in condominiums and commercial spaces.
For its projects, a tiny development team hand-selects only the finest locations in downtown Toronto. In addition to evaluating the sites from a development standpoint, they also assess their livability and constructability. They feel that the neighborhood is often the finest asset a condominium can provide and constantly consider their consumers while picking a new location.
Their Construction Management staff has decades of hands-on experience and Civil Engineering expertise, which allow them to realize their vision every time. Their Building Project Management team focuses on completing their projects on time and using the finest building methods to guarantee excellent construction. Source: Harhay Developments


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