Harlo Capital

Harlo Capital

Harlo Capital is an investment company located in Toronto that finds and invests in real estate developments across Canada. They strive to provide investors and partners with long-term, above-market profits by enabling the flow of finance and knowledge to co-developed ventures.
They treat their equity investment partners the way they would like to be treated in terms of investment management. They provide investors with the opportunity to earn extraordinary risk-adjusted returns while also co-investing their capital. They provide consistent and timely reporting to their investors by their unique requirements.
Harlo’s management team has been involved in all parts of the real estate development process and actively participates in every Harlo project’s development management. This means they stay on top of the many complex issues that emerge and can actively represent the interests of their investors when critical choices are made during the life of any development project.


Harlo has a strong investment underwriting standard and will only invest in projects that meet it. Their development projects must not only meet risk profile and financial return requirements, but also be strategically located to provide reasonable access to transit infrastructure and public or private amenities, all of which have proven to be critical to the ultimate success of real estate developments. Harlo’s management team has worked with several of the area’s most successful and experienced real estate development and consulting firms. Source: Harlo Capital

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