Haven Developments

Haven Developments

Haven Developments is a new real-estate development firm dedicated to connecting you with the city you love. Jordan Teperman was one of their founders and is now the Executive Vice President of this development firm. Since its founding in 1918, the Teperman name has been synonymous with the demolition industry in Toronto. Jordan, the great-great-grandson of the company’s founder, Sam Teperman, was tired of tearing down buildings and wanted to help put them back up. Although it may appear to be counterintuitive, Jordan believes the two industries are inextricably linked. His demolition company was frequently approached to develop the very properties it was demolishing.
He collaborated with Paolo Abate, now the CEO of Haven, because the two shared the belief that investing in and contributing to the community around them is an important part of being connected to the city. When he joined Team Revolution, Paolo combined this belief with his passion for cycling. Every year, Team Revolution competes in the Granfondo Terracino, raising $1.2 million for the Humber River Hospital in 2015 and another $700,000 in 2016.
Haven’s Vice President of Design and Development, Anthony Abate, describes the team’s philosophy as “more than a real estate development company.” He considers Haven to be a lifestyle company, stating that by connecting residents with their city and providing premium living conditions, they are not only providing a home but actively building a better life for their residents. When they design a building, they take into account all aspects of modern life.


They choose their locations based on accessibility to public transportation and infrastructure. This is accomplished by collaborating with municipalities and transportation authorities to better understand their future. They only work with partners and suppliers who are regarded as the gold standard in their field. Haven Developments is new to the development scene, but they’re already making significant contributions to the region. Source: Haven Developments

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