Hazelton Developments

Hazelton Developments

Hazelton Developments is a well-known condo developer in the Greater Toronto Area. Hazelton Developments has worked on a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout the years, both individually and in collaboration with joint venture partners, and they have created award-winning consulting teams that bring cutting-edge design concepts to reality.
They have over 45 years of combined experience in the building and development sector, during which time they have built a reputation for excellence and honesty and completed projects throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. They use cutting-edge design, engineering, and construction processes to improve the ultimate finished product.
This developer understands what it takes to be successful in Toronto’s ever-changing real estate market. Their primary goal is to identify promising places and develop inside them to favourably affect the area’s worth. Their condominiums accomplish this by providing unrivalled design and world-class facilities. The commitment to these ideals can be seen in their two active developments, which are revolutionizing and reinvigorating the neighbourhoods surrounding them.


Hazelton Developments finds and redevelops growing neighbourhoods outside of the city centre. More prime home alternatives are becoming available as the GTA expands throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Quality is at the heart of everything Hazelton Developments does, from the building materials and finishes to the cutting-edge systems and technologies to the customer service. This dedication to excellence is mirrored in the company’s skilled designers and consultants—a team of Tier One specialists recruited from all disciplines in the industry. Equally important are the principals’ excellent ties and solid reputation with the trades over the years. This developer will undoubtedly be there as the city’s skyline changes and reinvents itself.

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