Highmark Homes

Highmark Homes

Highmark Homes is a well-known real estate developer, established 40 years ago by Gino Lucchese. Lucchese still enjoys visiting the construction sites and speaking with craftsmen and homeowners. He feels that nothing has changed since he began his job, because the goal of each development is the same: to create beautiful houses for families.
After three weeks at sea on a transatlantic voyage, Lucchese eventually set foot on Canadian land on July 3, 1958. A little less than a year later, Lucchese constructed his first home in Toronto, launching his long and renowned career. Lucchese founded a home-building enterprise with his brother in 1964. Lucchese developed Highmark Homes with his children in 2003. By 2016, Lucchese and the Highmark team had completed their 500th house and tenth community. Lucchese’s grandson stunned him by joining the squad in 2017. This development firm is now anticipating the completion of its beautiful high-rise pre-construction condo projects in Pickering and Whitby.
This developer understands the value of being educated and cared for. Because of this , they have developed a one-of-a-kind Family First Care Package for their clients. Clients will be pampered with everything from a very useful move-in checklist to a homeowner’s maintenance schedule that includes Highmark’s most trusted supplier list and emergency contacts. This useful tool will assist customers in making the most of their new home. Furthermore, Highmark provides lovely warming presents to its clientele.


Highmark Homes’ design philosophy incorporates clever design, intuitive functionality, and gorgeous finishes. They think that families should have the finest, and that genuine style may be discovered in a home’s details. They believe that clean lines and natural light are always in vogue, and that each space must be a mix of form and function. Furthermore, this developer believes that combining stone and wood produces a rich, sophisticated atmosphere. This developer will provide the customer with exactly what they are searching for, whether it is traditional, modern, or elegant. Source: Highmark Homes

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The Highmark

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