Hines has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality and innovation. Gerald D. Hines established the firm in 1957, opening a one-man office on Anita Street in downtown Houston and devoting his full-time energies to the real estate development business. Since then, the business has been dedicated to high-quality real estate investments, a more functional built environment, better cities, and a more sustainable world.
This enormous international investment firm operates on a worldwide basis. They are an American firm with commercial representation in 192 municipalities spread over 20 cities. They began operations in Canada in 2004, and have since created or bought approximately 10 million square feet of space, including headquarters in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary. Their worldwide presence enables them to maintain a diverse development portfolio. They have completed or are in the process of completing office, retail, residential, and mixed-use developments.
They’ve had international success, and their numbers are staggering. They handle $93.2 billion in assets and have pursued 51 investment vehicles since 1991. They employ approximately 600 high-net-worth people and have 185 institutions under their corporate umbrella. Their decades of knowledge and devotion to an entrepreneurial spirit have inspired their extraordinary achievement. They are a worldwide fiduciary, which means they seek to safeguard their numerous global investors. Unlike less productive developers, they may purchase, build, or renovate properties across a variety of property types. They are becoming increasingly active in Toronto. They acquired Atrium on the Bay in 2007. Before selling the asset in 2011, Hines was able to remodel the shopping center and generate $95 million in value for its investors. They’re now working on building condominiums along Toronto’s waterfront. Their Bayside development project will bring several condominiums to Toronto’s waterfront. Their Aqualina and Aquavista condominium complexes will provide waterfront property with views of Lake Ontario, as well as the opportunity to live in sleek modern structures in Toronto’s prized East End.


This developer couldn’t possibly be any bigger. They are a multibillion-dollar corporation that seeks to defend the interests of its investors. They have some of the strongest research skills in the world, so as Toronto develops as a global city, we should expect to see their names on more projects in the future. They will seek to define and reinvent the city’s landscape and culture. Furthermore, they are an award-winning company, having received the Urban Land Institute’s 2002 Innovative Urban Development Award, as well as NAIOP’s 2010 Speculative Office of the Year Award, 2010 Transaction of the Year Award, and 2008 Office Developer of the Year Award. Source: Hines

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