Hullmark is a real estate investment and development firm established in 1950 by Murphy Hull, a Polish immigrant who came to Canada when he was nine years old in 1934. Their diversely talented team is committed to establishing a vibrant and dynamic urban Toronto, with specializations in private equity and finance, asset management, development, tenant experience, and placemaking. Their team is hands-on and flexible, creative and analytical, and they see possibilities where others do not.
They make investments in places they know and love. They have a unique role in developing the communities they call home by focusing on both cultural and geographic areas. Their approach enables them to build destinations in ways that single developments and less focused strategies cannot. Whether through the office, retail, or residential space—or a combination of the three—they want to build spaces that define their city and demonstrate to the world the possibilities of well-designed locations.
They embrace the city’s pace—rapid moving and long-enduring—in their work. They care about Toronto and its people. Their long-term strategy allows them to invest in communities, buildings, and tenant experiences in ways that short-term thinking does not. Their inventiveness and entrepreneurialism keep them moving quickly and seeing opportunities that others do not. The vibrancy and durability of the city in which they live, work and invest influence their approach to creating it.


They also use design as an investment and a tool. They see outstanding design as a tool for positively impacting the locations in which they invest. They are motivated to do things differently and better. Their approach to design is to always be intelligent, ambitious, and daring, doing whatever is necessary to enhance their buildings, streets, and neighbourhoods. They want to raise the bar and set a new benchmark for design and development in Toronto. Souce: Hullmark

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Via Bloor Condo

home. (Power + Adelaide)

Heartwood the Beach

Via Bloor Tower 2

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Home Power Adelaide Condos

Via Bloor 2

Via Bloor

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