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I-Deal Development was founded in 2005 by Mr. Frédéric BONAN (former CEO of ALTRAN), and its mission is to aid the expansion of SMBs and midcaps. They are often employed by shareholders and business owners to expedite the value generation of their assets. Ideal Development is pursuing its 21st-century mission of being a strategic media communication and development holding company that creates shareholder value via diverse investments; one of the fundamental concepts of portfolio construction is to have diversified assets. According to the proverb, “Don’t lay all your eggs in one basket. Their objective is to provide maximum value to its investors and business partners.
To be a world-class strategic media communications and development holding business via the delivery of creative ideas, products, services, and remarkable market possibilities.
Ideal Development, Inc. (IDI) is a strategic media communication and development holding company that owns and manages a Media Production company that provides marketing and sales services, a Medical Devices sales, marketing, and distribution company, an e-publishing entity, and an intellectual rights management company. Source> ideal Development


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