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Kaleido Corporation, formerly Landmark Capital Ltd., was founded by Dave Martino in 2014. Kaleido Developments is committed to revitalizing neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area by developing and building quality, beautifully planned commercial and residential developments. Kaleido Developments collaborates with some of the industry’s leading vendors to guarantee that they give our potential clients and homeowners a one-of-a-kind, high-quality product. Their mission is to learn from the past to construct creative, sustainable, and long-lasting communities that reimagine how people will live in the future.
Kaleido used to focus on more significant developments but recently shifted its attention to purchasing and creating smaller properties. There are several explanations for this. For example, it enables them to sell larger shares to individual investors. Investors can now acquire a substantial stake in a reasonably sized condo complex rather than a small piece of a massive property. They understand the value of operating within their means, which has helped them to continue consistent development. Another advantage of smaller projects is that they may be completed considerably faster. When many of the downtown core’s soaring high-rise structures take ten years to complete, smaller mid-rise developments can be finished in a fraction of that time.
Of course, life is about more than just condominiums, which is why this developer also gives to charitable organizations. They are aware that individuals from all over the world come to Toronto for a better life, and they want to help in any way they can. They contribute to organizations that seek to keep families safe, healthy, educated, and successful. The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Tour for Kids Cycling Adventure are two of their charities.


Their mission is to help people achieve their goal of owning the home of their dreams. Kaleido Developments strives to incorporate premium design and construction quality into its communities. With the Kaleido Developments experience, customer satisfaction is their primary priority. Source: Kaleido Corporation

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