The Labourers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) is Canada’s most progressive, aggressive, and rapidly rising union of construction, waste management, customer service, and healthcare employees. They have members in both Canada and the United States because they are an international union. They number over 500,000 people across the continent. Their long tradition of cross-border collaboration benefits members in both nations. LiUNA has over 100,000 proud members and pensioners in Canada, united through collective bargaining agreements that enable them to obtain higher incomes, better benefits, better pensions, and more possibilities for a better life for their families.
They construct highways and bridges, canals and dams, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. They make streets, neighbourhoods, cities, and provinces function. They practically and symbolically create Canada, from low-rise to high-rise development, laying concrete and landscaping residences. They represent working men and women in a variety of industries across Canada. Furthermore, they construct office towers, apartment complexes, sports facilities, shopping malls, parking garages, industries, and a variety of other structures, including dwellings. Not only that, but government-funded services, from hospitals and nursing homes to school boards, municipal streets and parks departments, waste management, and recreation, to name a few, are among the fastest-growing areas of LiUNA membership.
LiUNA advocates for fairness for working people of all colours, genders, races, and ethnicities, regardless of their nation of birth. They assist employees in succeeding by offering the highest quality of work possible and by being responsible citizens of their communities. They stand for individual progress and new opportunities for members and employers by providing the best free adult education system available, with training in the skills needed to build our communities and country. They are linked by collective bargaining agreements, which enable them to earn family-sustaining wages, adequate benefits, and opportunities for promotion and better lifestyles.


Their members are qualified and experienced union workers who have received safety training in the construction and energy industries. They are qualified to develop water and sewer systems and are certified to install rainwater catchment systems. Members also operate in every aspect of the energy sector, including the construction of solar plants, wind farms, natural gas and oil pipelines, and the maintenance of nuclear and coal power plant infrastructure. LIUNA also represents over 70,000 government employees who offer vital services ranging from health care and sanitation to road maintenance and emergency response. LIUNA is also linked with the National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU), which represents 47,000 mail handlers employed by the United States Postal Service. Source: LiUNA

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