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Malibu Investments Inc. is a Toronto-based real estate development company. Although they are a relatively young constructor in the area, they have already shown their value. They consider design and aesthetics in everything that they do, which is why they have taken such outstanding measures to improve the city. They have achieved success by always focusing on the future. They do this by constructing their projects using the industry’s most advanced and cutting-edge materials and construction techniques.
This developer has worked in the city for 10 years. During this period, they have completed an astounding amount of projects. By supplying 3,500 individual units, they have already had an influence on the population density of the Greater Toronto Area.


Due to their designs, they have been embraced into their respective communities. They construct projects that complement their environment while standing out from the crowd. Their initiative in incorporating contemporary art into their projects has allowed them to stand out from the pack. This developer incorporates art into his properties, as do many other real estate builders in the city. Their Entertainment District Tableau Condominiums project is crowned with lime green spires. Source: Malibu Investments Inc.

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