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Mansouri Living is a Toronto, Canada-based residential and commercial real estate development firm. It is the merger of three organizations with over 30 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area. Sharok Mansouri, a seasoned and knowledgeable leader in the development business, formed the organization. Sharok, a trained architect, offers a hands-on approach to design and community planning to the company’s projects, combining parks, shopping, sports facilities, and schools. Today, the second generation of the Mansouri family, daughters Maryam, Nargues, and Lily – each with backgrounds that complement one another – oversee the firm by combining a global business strategy with a refined design sense and a commitment to building with integrity. Mansouri Living features about 3000 finished houses and over 600,000 square feet of completed or under construction retail space.
The organization welcomes every chance to contribute in a constructive manner and strives to define urban living at its finest while boosting the ease of contemporary life. With a complete approach to development, Mansouri Living engages with other industry experts, including a professional team of advisors, premier project partners, and Canada’s top construction management team. Every stage of their growth is meticulously planned. Sites are meticulously chosen in active GTA areas with access to public transit and business and leisure applications. Mansouri developments are based on distinctive architectural elements, wide living spaces, and well-balanced amenities that link the streetscape to the community. Source: Mansouri Living


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