Marlin Spring

Marlin Spring

Marlin Spring is a Toronto-based real estate investment business that acquires, develops, builds, and repositions assets across North America. It was founded in 2013 by three seasoned industry veterans: Benjamin Bakst, Elliot Kazarnovsky, and Zev Mandelbaum. Before establishing this flourishing development firm, the founders were integral members of the Lanterra Development team, another well-known corporation situated in the GTA.
Marlin Spring has been heavily influenced by their time on the Lanterra team, and they now strive to take the same traits of honesty, integrity, and creativity to the market on their terms. The company develops and constructs residential properties in both low-rise and high-rise categories, with the same goal in mind: Building Real Estate Value in a Changing World.
Its mission is to provide great real estate value to all of its stakeholders while adhering strictly to its core values. Their dynamic workforce adds a distinct vitality to the business, focusing on achievement, high standards, and honesty. Their success is due to the dedication of their team members and the development of long-term valuable connections with their partners and investors.


Marlin Spring had significant growth since its founding, having purchased over 45 projects totalling over 14,000 units in different phases of development, construction, repositioning, and completion across Canada and the United States. They are now working on many projects, several of which have sold out in a matter of days, including the highly anticipated West Beach Condominiums complex in Toronto’s east end. Their contemporary perspectives on technology, energy-efficient construction techniques, architectural innovation, and the modern lifestyle will most certainly benefit them as they expand their portfolio. To this day, the team at Marlin Spring and its portfolio firms consists of approximately 600 specialists active in all phases of acquisition, development, construction, and asset management. Source: Marlin Spring

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