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Matrix Development Group is an experienced builder-developer of multi-unit residential developments. The company’s team of seasoned experts has contributed to the establishment of over 5,000 condominium and townhouse apartments, as well as over one million square feet of commercial space, including offices, retail spaces, and hotels. Matrix is shaping the future and revealing to the world the form of things to come. Matrix’s basic ideals are mirrored in every structure and community it designs.
They mix modern, trendsetting design with a profound dedication to the environment, resulting in projects that provide a “hybrid” lifestyle/workstyle that is both current and environmentally friendly. Design is paramount at Matrix. The company’s projects combine design and function, giving pleasant living and working spaces that add something new and interesting to their communities while blending in with the existing neighborhood. Architecture and landscaping of the outside. Included interiors are common rooms and amenity spaces. Suite designs and floor layouts. Systems and engineering. Matrix guarantees that each and every element of the design and construction of a multi-unit structure is correct. Source: Matrix Development Homes

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Parkhaus Urban Towns

40 Hendon Avenue, Toronto, ON