Metropole Developments Inc.

Metropole Developments Inc.

Metropole Development Inc. has over 30 years of expertise in the construction business and has long been a developer of quality homes and communities in the GTA and abroad. The company’s headquarters are in Richmond Hill, and the team is directed by Aabas Aameri, the company’s President and CEO. Metropole, a private real estate development, investment, and construction firm with over 30 years of expertise, has created great towns and neighbourhoods for people to live, work, and play.
The company is made up of experienced experts that are devoted and enthusiastic about providing communities with innovation, sustainability, and an excellent experience for our clients to invest in or live in. with years of expertise in numerous disciplines of construction, such as architecture, planning, and installation of residential, commercial, and industrial structures. This group of experts strives to put excellence at the forefront of their work at all times. They specialize in customizing townhouses and houses for their clients while keeping style and aesthetics in mind. Its mission is to build exceptional houses in a variety of communities that welcome individuals at all stages of life.
Metropole has been able to deliver on its promise of excellence due to its experience, well-planned property purchases, and planning. They have a sharp eye for exceptionality, which is evident in every job they do. With numerous completed houses in the GTA, our business prioritizes client comfort and accessibility.


Their customized houses, which can be seen around the GTA, have been some of their most spectacular creations. They frequently mix modern and European influences in their designs to create a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind luxury residence. Their bespoke home at 11 Blaine Drive in Toronto is a wonderful example of their beautiful work.

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