Mizrahi Development

Mizrahi Development

Mizrahi Developments was founded with the intention of changing industry expectations through a number of initiatives. First and foremost, the desire was to contribute architecturally striking, mid-to-high-rise buildings to the streetscapes of Toronto that would delight both those who lived and worked there as well as those who viewed their exteriors. They may be creating homes, businesses, and stores, but they are conscious of the impact their work will have on people’s lives. They form an indelible component of one’s bodily identity and have an impact on how one feels, lives, and perceives a city.
The foundation of their work has been centred on connections with clients, architects, designers, locals, city counsellors, and suppliers because they recognize that their business is about much more than just physical structures. According to them, a city’s physical landscape development can be beneficial. Instead of accepting it out of denial of change, they think it should be welcomed and celebrated for the joy and advancement it offers.
Their major aim with consumers is to provide peace of mind with the leading certifications in the sector. But after the structure is finished, their dedication to providing excellent service continues. They employ various staff members and a uniformed, trained concierge who is on duty around the clock in their residential complexes in order to provide the best service possible and attend to their clients’ needs. No other builder in Canada has an ISO 9001 accreditation to support them. It is a quality management system standard developed in Switzerland to help businesses make sure they satisfy the expectations of customers and other clients by adhering to legal and regulatory requirements related to a given product or program.


Sam Mizrahi, who emigrated to Canada from Iran in 1977, is the company’s founder and owner. He is a truly imaginative Renaissance man who is articulate, meticulous, focused, and ambitious. By offering a special capacity to completely modify every unit in each of his buildings, he hopes to change expectations in the building industry. He is committed to enhancing the condo lifestyle. As Mizrahi says, “we don’t meet code, we exceed code.” This business is built on value and going above and beyond expectations. They are highly acclaimed for producing timeless, traditionally styled buildings with elegant and avant-garde architecture, enhancing the city’s streetscape. The key aspect is that the business aspires to offer something unique and different from anything else that surrounds it. Source: Mizrahi Development

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