Monde Development Group

Monde Development Group

Monde Development Group is a 12-year-old small-scale property developer based in the GTA, Toronto, Canada, and has been focused on upscale real estate projects led by Majid Hamid. The detail-oriented drive and commitment to excellence have inspired the company to scale up to more dynamic ventures. The group’s reach extends into luxury boutique rentals, residential commercial properties, and a branch that deals with franchises and ventures.
They are Tarion and HRCA certified, and together with this guarantee, Monde’s commitment to customer care and quality means that every homeowner is treated like family. Monde Development Group brings the flexibility, luxury, and experience of a modern custom home builder to the boutique condominium landscape. They use their experience to set the stage, raise the bar, and exceed the expectations of the boutique housing market in Toronto. With projects in SE Oakville, Port Credit, Mississauga, and downtown Toronto, Monde has now set its eyes on its most ambitious venture yet: changing the skyline of downtown Courtice.
Their passion for excellence drives them; their commitment to quality and integrity keeps us humble; and their agility and willingness to innovate set them apart. Every aspect of a building, from cement to interior paint, is carefully selected to ensure that they meet or exceed Ontario building codes, work within budget guidelines, and remain committed to details on large-scale projects. At Monde, they know that every home is a team effort. Keeping this in mind, they strive to assemble the best teams possible for each project, matching unparalleled expertise with their reputation for forward-thinking vision and innovation. Source: Monde Development Group


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