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North Drive is a respected developer with a rich experience in the property development sector. Their lifetime of experience has taught them the importance of community, and as a result, they strive to construct projects that integrate and improve neighborhoods. This commitment to community is rooted in their family background, since the co-owners have spent their whole lives surrounded by land development. The co-owners are establishing themselves and cultivating a profitable new future.
The co-owners are the merger of the families Fidani and Morassutti. Two of the owners are brothers, while the third is a brother-like figure. Even their company’s name reflects their dedication to the community, since it is derived from the street on where they grew up. The concept of community is one of the driving ideas of this developer.
This is why they construct projects that not only become icons in their own locations, but also blend in with the surrounding environment. They are also aware that neighborhoods are established by the people who live there, not merely by the construction of structures. People are the heartbeat of every community, thus this developer seeks out the greatest neighborhoods in Toronto so that new residents may seamlessly blend into vibrant communities.


North Drive is a modern construction company, although the Fidani and Morassutti families have a long history in property development. Their expertise has resulted in over 75 million square feet of constructed buildings, including industrial, commercial, retail, and multi-residential structures. It should be obvious that land development runs through the blood of these co-owners. These origins have inspired an unshakable commitment to workmanship, honesty, and attention to detail. Source: North Drive

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One Forest Hill