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Oikoi Life is a community of like-minded people dedicated to redesigning urban living with ecology, family, and human experience as their driving principles in all decisions. Oikoi Living houses are intended to have a good influence on both occupants and the larger community via the use of cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly materials, and Missing-Middle housing solutions.
As the metropolis with the highest rate of population increase in North America, Toronto’s housing stock cannot keep up with its population expansion. People have been forced to choose between low-density neighborhoods far from the city center and high-density projects developed on tiny pieces of land under the “tall and sprawl” method.
At Oikoi Living, they believe in increasing housing options beyond too-small condominiums, lengthy commutes to suburban homes, and detached single-family homes. Converting single-family homes to accommodate additional units is the simplest and quickest way to significantly increase the housing supply and provide a choice that the majority of people want: marketing studies indicate a strong preference for ground-level housing in established urban neighborhoods. Such conversions enable the quick supply of homes in the city’s most desirable single-family neighborhoods.


They see the opportunity to grow thriving neighborhoods by increasing the missing middle population, which helps stabilize local populations that have experienced recent declines; this, in turn, improves the long-term quality of life and health of urban communities by supporting educational, social, retail, and, most importantly, public transit that reduces car dependence. Local neighborhoods, sustainable housing, and more living areas are their vision of the future. Source: Oikoi Living

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