Onni Group of Companies

Onni Group of Companies

For more than 50 years, Onni has been creating places for people to live, work, and play. Their success is a result of their dedication to quality building, innovation, sustainability, and customer happiness as well as to their partners, workers, and customers. In North American cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, and Vancouver, their areas of specialty are extensive. Rossano and Morris DeCotiis, siblings, are the company’s faces. The privately held company was started by their father, Inno (Onni is Inno spelled backwards). Their diverse portfolio includes industrial parks; low- and high-rise residential condominiums; office buildings; retail spaces; and planned communities with mixed-use amenities.
More than 12,000 new houses have been created, more than 6,200 rental apartments are owned and managed by them, more than 9.5 million square feet of commercial, retail, and industrial space have been built, and they have another 24 million square feet of space under construction. Onni is one of the biggest and most reputable real estate developers in North America, employing thousands of people there. A team’s dedication and knowledge have played a significant role in the accomplishments and reputation of their association, which has helped the organization expand to this point.
Onni is aware that the communities they serve and their clients are essential to the success of their company. This is the reason they have such strong beliefs about making plans for the future and giving back to the communities they live in. In addition to receiving multiple honours from the Canadian Home Builders Association, the business has established a reputation as one of the most reputable builders.


They are certain that the convergence of their enthusiasm for creating world-class urban communities, along with their commitment to sustainability, great design, and innovation, results in outstanding neighbourhoods and experiences where their clients may live, work, and play. They are devoted to leading fulfilling lives. It is an occasion to celebrate the community, both now and in the future. They have a history of creating forward-thinking properties and are currently one of Canada’s most established real estate corporations. The company’s continued success is a result of its caution and aptitude for reading the market’s pulse. Source: Onni Group of Companies

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