Parallax Development Corporation

Parallax Development Corporation

Parallax Development Corporation is a renowned real estate development company located in Toronto with diversified holdings across Canada and the United States. Owen Lawson founded this developer about 30 years ago. He and his colleagues approached real estate development with a sense of levity and camaraderie that rubbed off on Owen’s two kids, Stafford and Nigel. Nigel and Stafford are now the company’s principals, together with their business partner Michael Binder.
Parallax describes the apparent movement of an object when viewed from different angles. Parallax is a technique used by astronomers to calculate the distance between stars. The procedure is used by hunters to identify a target. It is used by the company to create value. They are proud of their diverse portfolio and their ability to get things done. They started as a firm primarily focused on the creation of retail shopping plazas, but they’ve grown into so much more. They are most recognized now for their street front retail, high-rise and mid-rise residential condominiums, office buildings, mixed-use facilities, and public-private partnerships.
This is a nimble and innovative company that has proven it can complete a wide range of tasks without being limited to a particular market or even a single nation. With Owen’s knowledge and Stafford, Nigel, and Michael’s youth and ability to anticipate the future, this is a company that is bound to go far in the industry.


As they look to the future, they are devoted to delivering innovations that represent their modern, forward-thinking business philosophy. Source: Parallax Development Corporation

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