Phantom Developments

Phantom Developments

Phantom Developments is a legacy founded by Henry Strasser on vision, history, and family. They are visionaries in smart urban development, as their organization leads with integrity, creativity, and a personal commitment to the best quality design techniques. They have extensive experience in building high-quality residential condominiums as well as commercial and industrial spaces that enhance the areas in which they live.
The firm have played an important role in various prominent projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area, helping to define the city’s vital neighbourhoods via remarkable building designs. The company takes great satisfaction in obtaining exceptional locations while paying close attention to creating beautiful settings on the inside and outside to complement modern urban lifestyles.
Their portfolio covers several decades of famous design and development and has been run by the same family since its start. This ever-changing enterprise is led by Henry Strasser. He decided to go it alone and build their very own residential condo complex, dubbed the Jade Condominiums. It’s a mid-sized boutique development in North York’s Bayview Village neighbourhood. With these triumphs, they announced a follow-up endeavour with the Jade Waterfront Condos, located in Etobicoke’s Humber Bay district, giving a new cool edge to waterfront living.


Phantom Developments believes that success is a collaborative effort. Their staff contributes over 50 years of diversified expertise and knowledge to what they do every day, and they are dedicated to building both excellent connections and properties. With its exclusive offering of locations, designs, and quality, they have assembled a strong team of trained professionals to ensure unprecedented first-class, exceptional architecture and a fantastic way of life that adds character, refinement, and value to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Source: Phantom Developments

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