Pinedale Properties Ltd.

Pinedale Properties Ltd.

Pinedale Properties has a history of more than 50 years of successful operations in real estate development and property management, and it has become a recognized authority in the Toronto area. The Greater Toronto Area’s wide variety of residential and commercial properties owned by Pinedale, as well as its active involvement in real estate development, management, construction, and investment, have all contributed to the company’s excellent reputation and regard within the sector. Their involvement in several projects, such as the development of high-rise condominiums, the purchase of land, and a portfolio of privately held, actively managed funds, all fall under the category of real estate investments.
Their wide range of rental flats meets the needs of their diverse clientele of urban renters, and their commercial portfolio provides a world of choice, quality, and value to a wide spectrum of long-term tenants, including banks, small enterprises, and big multinational corporations. Pinedale continues to run and expand on solid foundations with a successful history in real estate finance, development, investment, construction, and management.
With roomy floor plans, light and airy interiors, premium appliance packages, and more, Pinedale’s broad collection of apartments around the Greater Toronto Area delivers the pinnacle of upscale rental living. The rental homes in Pinedale are situated in upscale neighbourhoods with a high standard of life. They specialize in prime locations in amenity-rich neighbourhoods connected by effective transit, retail, and public services as owners and managers of residential and commercial properties ranging from offices to retail and industrial.


Through the Going Green project, Pinedale continues to support a range of environmentally friendly policies and practices. Their company philosophy places a strong priority on customer happiness, and they always raise the bar to deliver the best possible service. Speaking of excellent customer service, Pinedale has made it the cornerstone of its success. This has helped them become a forward-thinking and innovative business, and it is probably a lesson they acquired through their expertise in managing rental properties, an industry that has helped them become an award-winning business. They received recognition at the 2011 FRPO MAC Awards and were nominated for a 2012 FRPO MAC Award. Source: Pinedale Properties Ltd.

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