Poetry Living

Poetry Living

Since 2014, Poetry Living, the residential branch of HBNG Holborn Group, has been constructing high-quality low-rise communities in the Greater Toronto Area. They believe that the real world is where you live—at home. From the first minute you take modest steps toward celebrating your birthday party, your home will witness it all. Poetry Living is completely supported by its sister firms in project management and construction and is backed by HBNG’s huge financial resources. Every component of the Poetry Living experience is geared to provide home buyers with the peace of mind and an excellent customer experience.
They aim to create for life, with inviting layouts meticulously designed to keep the family connected, giving comfortable and elegant finishes that stand up to the challenges of family life and withstand the test of time. They began with a collection of single-detached homes in the well-established hamlet of Parkside, located at Boyne Street and Gray Avenue in Alliston. It became their stepping stone, and they later established themselves as a homebuilder who promised quality, elegance, timeless design, and unbreakable fortitude.
This well-respected developer designs residences in great detail, from doors and railings to plumbing fixtures and door handles. They have creative teams to coach their clients through the process of designing their dream homes. Every Poetry Living homeowner is guaranteed a state-of-the-art facility with over 3,000 square feet of inspiring vignettes and selections that assure their clients’ individualized house is based on their family’s wants and budget. A design consultant will assist their clients throughout the process so that they feel confident and comfortable with structural alterations, colours, and finishes.


Every Poetry Living home includes smart home technology as a standard feature. Poetry Living, in collaboration with Homewave Smart Connect, is making your new home “smart” from the start. This technology allows homeowners to enjoy remote access from their phone, tablet, or computer with smart lock control, smart lighting control, smart thermostat management, smart cameras, and much more, all via a simple free app. This will safeguard their clients’ homes and everyone who lives in it. Source: Poetry Living

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