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Their integrated team provides services to a variety of various businesses of their parent firm, Prica Global Enterprises, including construction, architecture and design, and property management. Residential property development and management are at the center of their business, which has a strong connection to the community. Their integrated approach is the harmony which brings their divides together.
Prica Global Enterprises and its subsidiary firms have planned, constructed, maintained, and managed over 20 properties in and around Waterloo Region using an integrated project delivery system. Their properties are architectural monuments in the city they call home, where they strive to push architectural boundaries. Their property sites have been carefully chosen to accommodate Waterloo’s famous innovation and academic industries. Prica Global Enterprises has reached construction milestones in a rapidly expanding market by using new and traditional building techniques not yet used by other developers in the region. Source: Prica Global Enterprises
Prica Global Enterprises is led by a single developer with a mission to transform Waterloo Region and the surrounding region. With over 15 years of expertise in the residential sector, Prica has developed a reputation for quality.


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