Queensgate Homes

Queensgate Homes

Queensgate has always prided itself on giving “details” the highest priority, and its superior workmanship is reflected in the design and construction of every project they undertake. For more than 30 years, as members in good standing with BILD, Tarion, and the Ontario Home Builders Association, their pursuit of excellence has been evident in a steady stream of successful residential and commercial developments. Queensgate has been involved in both land development and construction to ensure a high-quality product.
With a variety of housing styles ranging from custom-built masterpieces in exclusive neighbourhoods such as Forest Hill and Lawrence Park to intimate townhouse communities and spacious country estates, you’ll find their communities across Southern Ontario—in Aurora, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Brooklin, Georgetown, and Whitby.
At Queensgate, their vision of creating outstanding communities is achieved by successfully integrating design and planning with their technical and financial expertise. In every case, their hands-on management style and thorough, custom-builder approach to quality ensure the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Today, as in the past, purchasing a Queensgate home is your guarantee of satisfaction. Source: Queensgate Homes


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